(CNN) — Want to spend an afternoon following in the footsteps of Beyoncé and Jay Z?

In the striking video, filmed on location in the Paris museum, celebrated works of art including the “Mona Lisa” form the backdrop of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s first musical collaboration as The Carters.

The video — which has had more than 68 million views and counting — has been interpreted as a comment on Western art history and its eradication of people of color. It’s the first video for the couple’s new album, “Everything is Love.”

Thematic trail

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The Louvre is offering a Beyonce and Jay-Z themed tour.


The thematic trail can be printed off, or followed on your phone via the art museum’s website.

It’s only available Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The Louvre tells CNN Travel that this is because some of the rooms can be closed on other days.

The online guide offers details and context for each artwork, as well as pinpointing exact locations in the museum’s sprawling halls.

But it doesn’t offer specific insight into why the artworks were chosen for the music video. Instead it’s left up to the visitor to reflect on the significance of each piece in the context of “Apes**t.”

The Louvre is the most popular museum in the world.

The Louvre is the most popular museum in the world.


This isn’t the first time the Louvre have designed a visitor trail around a musical artist. Following a Louvre-themed documentary produced by artist will.i.am, the museum introduced a “will.i.am at the Louvre” self-guided tour for visitors to enjoy, featuring some of the most opulent rooms in the collection, including Marie Antoinette’s salon.
beyonce jay z everything is love joint album orig gs_00001230

Visitors can see artwork featured in the power couple’s video for “Apesh**t.”


The Louvre isn’t exactly lacking in visitors. It was 2017’s most popular museum, with 8.1 million people venturing through its doors over the 12-month period.

But the Beyoncé touch will no doubt attract a few more keen to emulate the star.